As a working mother there is a need to try and keep myself fairly descent looking, I said try. Living in London the prices for a haircut, wax, threading can be ridiculous at some places. I joined Wahanda when it still was called Wahanda and found the discounts to be really good. It’s now called Treatwell and you can download the app which ensures that you can make an appointment at a touch of the finger. They also email you every so often to with £7 or £6 vouchers to redeem against your booking. Tip if you don’t use them for a while they send you more frequently.

I recently decided to dye my hair grey…………and why not? It was trendy all the cool kids had it. This was a complete mission and would have been more expensive than what I paid for it. Needless to say that the phase has now passed and I am currently waiting for my hair to grow out properly. Not down with the kids anymore but rather up with the oldies now. *sad face*

Examples of the appointments on Treatwell were:

Re-growth Bleach and Full head tint for long hair = £78.85 (£7 discount voucher used)

Full head Semi-permanent colour for long hair = £21.20 (£10 discount voucher used)

You get the idea.

So definitely check it out

There are also Salons that cut your hair for free so you can sign up to be a hair model. I have never been brave enough though.



Also, I have a secret beauty shop where eyebrow threading is only £3 and Sadia (beautician) is really good. This is based at the back of a shop called Hype in SE18.

You can contact her on and here are a list of the beauty treatments and prices.




Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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