For my 40th I am planning to go to New York with my friends to celebrate.  It has always been a dream to get there one day and considering time is ticking on for me, (no midlife crisis yet), what better time to go.  I was a huge Sex and the City fan, still kinda am, so hoping to swan around New York and stop for a cosmopolitan or two on route. So the plan at the moment is putting £5 a week away until next September.  Hopefully this will cover my flight if anything.  I will be trying to save where I can to put the money away to make this happen. 


One of the apps on my phone is Holiday Pirates.  Although the constant notifications can be annoying, I have spotted some very good deals in the past.  I have even seen flights to Dubai for as little as 81p return which yes, they notify you about.  They do all the leg work for you to get really affordable deals for their customers. Just seen one today for a non-stop flight to New York for £300 incl bags and meals – so lets hope that comes up again next year at some point.

So have a look and prepare for your next holiday

 Bucket List
  • New York
  • Cape Town
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Mexico

Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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