Helpful Websites

I do flip between a lot of websites for discounts and money saving tips.

The best website I have come across is I actually live my life via this website. They offer the best advice across the board.  Here are some of my favourite items.


Cheap car insurance – handy tips on how to cut your cost for car insurance (always going up)

  • Used this for a few years now and have always found a fairly good deal

Life insurance – long term insurances to cover you and your family and need to know items

  • recently took out a policy that came with a £80 Tesco gift card (paid over two parts £40 + £40).  Hey was going to take one out anyway, might as well get a free shop in with it as well


Switching banks – what the best banks are for customer service or the highest payment for switching

  • To be honest I haven’t been brave enough to do this yet, but I am thinking about it

Chasing up PPI, packaged accounts – full details and step by step advice are provided

  • Tried and tested.  MSE provide templates too which are very handy

Credit Cards – always a good idea to switch to a zero % interest card

  • I am such a credit card tart and try and switch regularly to avoid any interest


Restaurant, clothing, food etc

  • You name it they have it

I would definitely recommend them.


Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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