London is the best City in the world for a night out.  Recently, Transport for London have introduced the Night Tube (typical when I’m heading to 40). So no more waiting for the ultra dodgy night bus or expensive cabs home from a night out anymore. I must admit, the night bus wasn’t too bad really if you were sober enough to keep your eyes open.  There will always be one person who falls asleep on the bus then falls on the floor when the bus turned resulting in mixed feelings of laughter and concern. Also, everyone is mostly in a good mood and chatty with a few exceptions but that’s London. I feel that the night tube will change things for the better though – at least you know you can get close to home if not all the way at 3am. 

I have been on many, many great nights out.  Clubbing, Theatre, Live Music you name it. I found the following apps to be absolutely essential while being a Londoner.


They offer amazing discounted night outs. I have been to a 3 course meal at a fancy restaurant with them with various vouchers that they sent when I first joined in 2014.  They also used to offer free iTunes festival tickets which was great – first come first serve. I went to see Deadmau5 and my husband, who obviously has different music taste to me, went to see Beck. He also went to see Chemical Brothers without me but that’s a different story.


Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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