Cheap Food

Hello everybody. Hope you are having a great day or if not, a normal day at least.


If I could eat out every night in London I absolutely would.  I am not a great cook but love the idea of lovely, gourmet towers on a clean white plate.  Unfortunately every attempt I make to cook or bake doesn’t seem to cut the mustard.


Food in London is quite expensive so the trick is to keep an eye out for great deals. 

Boots Pharmacy are pretty good for discount food after a certain time.  They usually try to get rid of sandwiches and drinks either after 2pm or so, or on the weekends.  I’ve had sandwiches for £1 or pasta pots for £1.50 and even smoothies are a winner too.  After a work-out at the gym on the weekend, I often pop into Boots for a smoothie or cereal bar at a discount price of 50p.


A good trick to get free coffee, yes I said free, is get yourself a Waitrose card.

Just register with them, wait for your card and once a day you can get a free coffee in Waitrose.  You can get your cup from the till and help yourself to whatever you like and trust me the coffee isn’t bad at all, actually it’s rather good.  I always go for a latte but you can choose your coffee yourself.

If you are like me and love coffee, I suggest when you buy your ground coffee try and get the Starbucks one.  The only reason is that on the package they advertise a free tall latte with the purchase.  It is always a good idea because a tall latte at Starbucks is currently £2.35, therefore if you buy a coffee with your packet (usually costing £3.50), it will only really cost you £1.15 cup of coffee. You can chance it and make it a gingerbread latte, it has worked in the past but not always. Better still, get the ground coffee on offer!  Bought mine this week for £2.50, so when I purchase a Starbucks it only cost me 15p.  Ha ha ha love it!



Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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