Free Tickets


Fancy some nights out to see a show?  I recently applied for tickets to be a member of the audience at ITV. It could be for anything but the one I went to with my friends was for a new sketch show with David Walliams and special guests. I can’t remember I came across this company but I am glad I did.  So the canned laughter you will be hearing on the show, will include me.  Although, my Welsh friend next to me has the best laugh ever I will listen out for hers when they air the show. 


SRO Audiences

 Make sure if you get tickets to arrive fairly early and with a bottle water as it can run over with more than one take.  But all in all a good night – then hit the pub after.

 Not quite tickets but a Postcode Lottery…………….for Free

This little beauty is a daily checking thing.  Go and register and everyday just after midday check to see if your postcode comes up.  The best bit is that it is free.  Been registered for less than a year and no, haven’t won anything yet but I live in hope.

There are various draws.  But I have seen the main draw go up to as high at £1200.

What do you have to lose? 


Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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