Going Vegan – Day 2


So had a massive find today on the Vegan front.  Went to Morrisons to pick up some frozen Vegan products.  They are from a South African company called Frys.  I figure if South Africans are changing the meat eating scene they must be tasty.  I grew up in South Africa and boy are they meat lovers. I don’t think I knew any Vegetarians let alone Vegans growing up.

It’s been pretty good today although I am feeling hungry but I reckon it’s my stomach shouting at me because it doesn’t know what is going on.  I hope that it will shrink or something during the month.  Think I have overspent a little but I reckon the Frys products are really good value about £2 a pack.  I was walking around just throwing Vegan products in the trolley. I will definitely plan better next time.

I also managed to pick up some snack bars.  Initially I bought some Nakd bars which if I have to be completely honest, I can’t get used to the taste of them.  I am a lover of fruit and nuts but somehow this just doesn’t hit the spot.  The Perk!er bars I find much better and a lot more crunchy.  So going forward that will be the best for me.  My daughter also seems to prefer the Perk!er bars which I am going to send with her to school as a energy booster. She wants to be vegan too like mummy.



Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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