Going Vegan – Day 6

Happy Friday everyone. I am pleased to announce that all is going well with Veganuary. I am getting loads of support and advice from all over the place. There are some amazing Vegan people out there.

Quite excited as I am off to Vegan Life Live this weekend at Alexander Palace. I am looking forward to watching Vegan chefs and meeting Vegan first timers like me at the event. I have downloaded the ‘Is this vegan?’ app which seems to work by scanning barcodes of products and then proceeding to tell you, not only if it’s vegan but also how vegan it is. Weird I know, didn’t realise there were variations. So it’s handy, when it works that is. I seem to be manually entering the barcodes a lot, don’t know why. Maybe it needs to work out the glitches.

On the way home tonight I picked up a few items to attempt my very first vegan curry. Can’t believe I made a curry from scratch. I am usually more of a from freezer to oven girl but I bloody did it, and even more amazing, my whole family ate all of it (unheard of). I feel quite proud – but this only the beginning.

How colourful is this dish? Hey, hey?

Potatoes, cauliflower, chickpeas, spinach, red pepper, garlic, onions, medium curry powder and tomatoes.

Slight confession, I forgot to buy tomatoes in a can so had to dig around for ¬†something similar. Thank goodness Tesco Salsa Medium was vegan – I know this, because my app said ‘Definitely Vegan’.

Also a good find tonight was a vegan wine! So I am one happy bunny.



Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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