Vegan Life Live

It’s my bag

This weekend I went to the Vegan Life Live expo at Alexander Palace.  Oh my word it was a total treat and a very educational experience.  I can’t believe how busy it was. So much to see and try that I completely forgot about lunch and in fact wasn’t hungry. Did manage to fit in a small vegan ice-cream only because my daughter wanted one of course, ha ha ha. So we had to pay a visit to the Yorica van which was a very busy queue but was worth it in the end.  Mine – Wow butter and my daughter’s chocolate orange – yummy!


I must have indulged in so much chocolate of every variety. Even had a bit of time to meet the team behind Veganuary which was a treat. Great tip from them regarding apps on the go by the way was to download Spoon Guru. It’s so much better than the one I was trying to use (Is it Vegan?). I have kept both on my phone just in case.


One stand in particular stood out for me as the staff were incredibly friendly and they had a variety of products. Mr Organic products were simple and straight forward, definitely talking my language when it comes to cooking.  Interestingly my daughter seemed to favour a particular flavour which happens to be Grilled Aubergine.  I was extremely shocked as she has never liked the taste of Aubergine before but taste tested the product cold and in a dipping style.  So we took a bottle home to continue testing it for dinner. So, we know it is great as a dip but what if we used it as a stir in with pasta? I am pleased to say it worked just as well and it was so easy to use as a quick dinner option. It definitely gave an otherwise boring pasta dish a bit of something and was very tasty with a bit of vegan cheese sprinkled nicely on top. I still can’t get over the fact that it was Aubergine flavour. So thank you to the Mr Organic team for introducing us to this and for the free badge which we are wearing proudly.  Find them here

I also managed to taste test Organic Birch water (water from trees) – quite delicious actually and such a new concept to me. Even managed to catch up briefly with a friend who creates beautiful, healthy, vegan breakfast pots. I seriously think she should be on one of the stands next year.  So if you fancy it take a look at her blog –


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