Being Vegan – Day 24

Hello everyone.  Hope your day has been an awesome one, albeit rather chilly.

I am fully embracing the vegan lifestyle.  Seems to be quite easy to be a vegan at the moment.  Went to Zizzi Restaurant the other day and they actually had a separate vegan menu.  Their vegan pizza was delicious and I swiftly followed it with vegan ice cream (coconut and chocolate) and caramelised pecans. I am so happy that some restaurants are helping out us newbies out – long may it continue.

I can tell you that my cooking skills are improving to the delight of my family, and I have been experimenting with all sorts.  For instance, Friday night I made vegan ‘meatballs’ with Mr Organic Arrabbiata sauce (an absolute find in a NISA store) and wholemeal spaghetti.  Saturday  – it was so cold I felt we needed some comfort food so I made a vegan cottage pie with potato and sweet potato mash topping. Funny story about this dish, I was suppose to put Worcester Sauce in the mix but found that it was not vegan as it contained fish, so I proceeded to scan various sauces in the shop with my app and settled on HP sauce.  Who knew!  Unfortunately I wasn’t brave enough to  put it in the dish but did have some on the side which I thought added something to it.   Also my banana pancakes didn’t end up in a great big sticky mess in the pan.  Found out that 2 tablespoons of baking powder does actually make a difference (ha ha ha).

Also a few winners for your list if you are trying out Veganuary are:

  • Linda McCartney’s sausage rolls
  • Linda McCartney shredded ‘duck’
  • Waitrose vegetable and potato packets when you have access to a microwave (so quick and easy as pictured below)


So all going well I think.  I have lost a little weight and I am feeling more energetic and alert (may be the B12 tablets that I am taking).

Was also sent this Quinoa Crack for free as a promotional thing. As it stands I have had a chance to try it out completely but the packaging made me laugh.  They were at the Vegan Life event and I did have a little taste and it was ok – may need to put a little nectar in with it though.


So what’s next?

My next focus and concern now are the cruel and harmful practices being carried out on animals in general at dairy, chicken and meat farms.  The more I research, the more I am convinced that this lifestyle choice is the right thing to do. For myself, for the animals and for the planet. But honestly, how do you get your argument across without sounding like a hippie do-gooder vegan who annoys everyone.  So I pick my battles to win the war so to speak and have been making Oatly coffees at work, sharing my hummus crisps and vegan chocolate in the hope that people may enjoy it enough to change their ways.  One step at a time though.


Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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