Vegan Life – day 81

Hello all

I’m in serious danger of becoming a fat vegan which by the way, I didn’t think was possible.

So yes, still following the vegan lifestyle which I still think is great and yes, I have not spun out or fainted yet. I have, you may be interested to know,  developed a constant inner voice explaining why I shouldn’t eat certain products and then screaming out YAY if a product is vegan. I figure it’s from all the carbs I’m consuming and it’s playing games with my hormones or something. But yes, back to the weight bit now. I think I am finding all the yummy vegan brownies and cakes too tempting so I have to start controlling this.
I think I found the answer in the form of a little vegan guardian angel called Nicki’s Vegan Weight Loss Cafe Group on Facebook. So big shout out to

I hope this will put me on the right path.

But in the meantime some more wonderful useful discoveries.

I think I have a bittersweet relationship with Marks and Spencer only because they provide amazing products like this.


M&S Red Thai Curry Sauce



and then do something like this


This Super Rainbow Wrap would have been great if it wasn’t for the Greek yoghurt dressing. So frustrating.

But credit due to them because there are more vegan options than ever before so …..YAY!

Also,  I watched Carnage on BBC iplayer the other night and if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour and check it out. Be warned there are little scenes of animal slaughter (Over 16s only). Simon Amstell has done an amazing job by getting the vegan message across with humour.

Here is the link.


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