100 days a Vegan

Absolutely astonished that I have made it so far. Pass the 100 days mark now yay! 

It has been such an interesting journey not only for me but also for my long suffering family (not really). My daughter is mostly pescatarian now and my husband’s diet has changed to a mostly vegetarian diet with the occasional meat products. In fact we were out on Sunday and I had a mixed salad and he had some beef and stilton sausage rolls. He didn’t even finish it because he didn’t like the taste and preferred tucking into my salad. I think all of our tastebuds have changed over the months because we haven’t been craving meat or dairy. My husband does miss bacon though. 

I received news that a friend of mine will be going vegan as well. She has arthritis in both hips and some of this may be linked to animal products (what the doctor has suggested) Now I have heard that western civilisation suffer from more bone related deseases than non-dairy eating civilisations. Don’t know if the two are linked but I really hope this lifestyle will help her in some way. So I am trying to help as much as possible (FYI – I am no expert). 

Things I’ve leant along the way. 

  • Just because cake is vegan doesn’t mean it’s not high in sugar
  • It’s important to find the best non-dairy milk for you, they all taste different
  • Make sure you get vit B12 supplements otherwise you will feel tired
  • The vegan community are awesome people so join a Facebook group or forum to meet others
  • Be prepared to take some criticism from meat eaters but if people care about you, they won’t go too far. On the flip side there are good friends that will support you which is a great feeling.                                                      

All in all pretty happy and looking forward to the future. 


Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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