We are FSTVL

Hello everybody! Finally got round to posting this one. 

Festival season is back in the UK and I started 2017 with this little beauty. Based near Upminster, it was a really easy place to get to. Really liking festivals that are close to London.  I don’t know, when you experience 8 hour journeys in traffic to get to or from a major festival you are greatful for the little ones. 

So I went with the girls on the Saturday which was such a laugh. The weather was kind and the music was pumping. It is definitely a younger crowd there with glitter and lashes being the order of the day. What I found strange was the fact that you could upgrade your ticket to VIP for £30. Managed to get it for £10 as a girls friends did not turn up so she was selling them cheap! I would say it was worth it as the toilets were nicer and I did catch a DJ called Solomun in the VIP area. He was amazing – absolutely loved it, so hung about there for a while.

Did find myself feeling very motherly as there were quite a few casualties by the end of the day. Drinking in the sun is definitely not advised. To be fair, I did some drinking but my drink kept getting warm by the end so just switched to water during the day. There was no shortage of body building males walking around with no shirts on. Had a giggle due to the fact they looked like they had an allergic reaction to bee stings or something (so lumpy – YUCK).

Highlight was definitely and always Carl Cox. The tent was really packed but he always delivers.  Gutted I missed Craig David though – don’t know how or when. 

So all in all a great little festival with good food – even Vegan Food which was surprising. I am thinking of going next year again so see you then? 


Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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