I love London


What a great week and weekend mooching around London.  Been to see so many things, while I can get the time to do them.  School summer holidays are long so I have to try and get out and about even though money is tight.


A real interesting one was the Ray Harryhausen exhibition at The Tate Britain  For those who are not familiar he was an visual effects creator  which basically paved the way for stop-motion films.  Admittedly, not my favourite films but the exhibition was free and interesting with models and drawings displayed as well as some amazing John Martin artwork which were influential to Harryhausen.  These are huge canvas paintings which I could look at for hours.  My daughter enjoyed the screening of some of his movies in the corner of the room while resting on huge pillow.
Other cool things spotted about were these notes to strangers.  What a great and simple idea.  They are little messages pasted around London by an artist.

You will find more details on Instagram under @notestostrangers.


Sometimes I forget how beautiful London really is and when you stumble across vibrant buildings bursting with colour, you can forget you are in the big smoke if only for a moment.  Covent Garden is always a fun place to visit with all the performers about always ready to give you show.  I have seen performers from Covent Garden go on to perform at Glastonbury.

Another great stop this week was at Hackney Downs Vegan Market.  Never been before but was so glad I stopped by.  The food was absolutely delicious and I discovered an amazing store called Harvest N16.  Such a great store stocking everything from ice-cream (dairy and vegan) to natural skincare and makeup.  They even have a counter with vegan cakes!  So check it out when you can, you won’t be sorry.

Have a good time exploring too.



Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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