Happy Holidays


Hope everyone is having a good break. I have been super busy in December but I am now so grateful for a few days to spend with my family. Such a great time to recharge my batteries and veg in front of the TV.

Christmas is always filled with very mixed emotions for me as most of my family are thousands of miles away in the Southern Hemisphere. Luckily, my husband’s family are so lovely and accommodating so I never feel left out. They even adapted their Christmas menu this year to include vegan options.

So my 12 months anniversary is fast approaching and according to my vegan calculator I would have saved about 365 animals during that time, basically it looks like an animal a day. Would I have eaten an animal a day being Omni? Don’t know, but happy I have helped.

So I don’t know if anyone noticed but seriously how many sale emails does one person need to get? Woke up the other morning to so many that it got me thinking….maybe I do need a new Sofabed. The one I am sleeping on is about 3 years old and I literally can feeling the wooden partition under my back. Normally I wouldn’t complain but if Sofabeds are going cheap I feel I need to investigate this or is it a con? The price they are marked down to is still quite a bit and was the original price what they state? So many questions – Spring pocket, Sprung Foam, what do you go for? Would I even be thinking of this before if it wasn’t sale time and by the way, what is Boxing Day anyway?

I seriously do not have any plans to venture out into the chaos which is sale shopping, not to the big locations anyway but online shopping could work, er funds are an issue though.

Let’s see what happens.


Author: Townie Jax

Doing London on the cheap

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