Hello all

What a difference in weather since my last blog – wowzers. I am literally melting in my flat as I type. Summer is definitely here, but I don’t think Londoners are coping too well.  The trains and buses are saunas and people are just irritated and bad tempered due to the heat.

On the plus side, there is just so much going on. No Glastonbury this year so I have been checking out some local festivals and gigs dotted around.  Royal Greenwich seem to have so many events on at the moment. Worth a look.

I took my family to the GDIFestival one evening where gigantic puppets and poetry were the order of the evening. I did feel like a sheep following everyone around but it was nice to be out in the community. It was also a good chance to catch up with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while.


I also met up with family and friends for the Royal Greenwich get together which was a brilliant day.  Loads of food and drink and good DJ sets and in particular a hearing impaired DJ set (DJ Jeffo) with signers which just fascinated me. So great seeing people actively breaking down the barriers.


Soul II Soul’s Jazzie B also made an appearance which was super special. Even with some Technical difficulty it was such a fun set with so many classics thrown in. This obviously made drinking in the evening sun very chilled and enjoyable.


On a completely different note, I managed to get tickets to the Steps concert in Greenwich on Thursday night. Not going to lie, I am pretty excited. Going to take my daughter so hoping she enjoys it. Should make a nice chance from Grime and R&B ha ha ha.



So that was an interesting week.  Did everyone enjoy the snow?

No matter how long I have lived in this country I just can’t get used to the cold.  I know right, you would think by year 20 in the UK my body would be adapted already.  No such luck I’m afraid.  Still it was pretty though.

I have decided after years and years of pleading I would allow my daughter to have a YouTube Channel.  I’m a bit apprehensive but she has been playing and, dare I say it, perfecting the art of makeup for so long, I thought I would let her have a shot.  She absolutely amazes me when we go into makeup places.  She knows every shade every colour of the products which I think is mostly due to watching others on their channels.  I like to think of her as my own personal makeup shopper.  I am hoping that she enjoys it but also I feel it’s quite useful as she will have to take videos then edit them and add music etc.  Can’t be a bad skill to have really.  I will be keeping an eye on this and maybe I will learn something too.

I would love to do a YouTube Channel however, I really hate watching myself on camera.  This sends shivers down my spine.  Maybe one day who knows. I do feel that the next generation are more confident with technology and comfortable with being in front of the camera.  Don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  At what point do the kids look up from their phones/screens?  I have cut off her Internet access at 8:30pm to have some downtime before bed. Too much?

2 January 2018

Woke up this morning with a sigh of relief that I took an extra day’s holiday today! Don’t think I could have woken up in time. Family was in good form this morning although still recovering from a cold of some description. Sore throats and hurricane sneezing all around today. Not the best start to the New Year I know but we’ve just have to get on with it.

Breakfast for me included a raisin bagel with avocado on it. Something you must know about me is that I have only recently discovered the wonder of avocado at the age of 40. Good for the eyes I’m told.

I think I will need to put together a meal plan of some sort filled with healthier options. Once that is done I will post some ideas for you, especially for those taking part in Veganuary.

On another note, something that has been bugging me is an article on a psychic that correctly predicted Donald Trump’s presidency – did you see it? Apparently he is predicting a gas attack either on London or Berlin. That really scares me due to the fact that I live and work in London. Not gonna lie, my first thought was to purchase a gas mask. The last time I thought about buying a gas mask was about 10 years ago (I forget the reason) but ended up buying Gucci sunglasses instead. So here I am contemplating that again. Am I being stupid? Let me know your thoughts.

1 Year a Vegan

Happy New Year!

Well I did it – one whole year as a Vegan and I am so happy. Not as tricky as I thought but very insightful. The Vegan community are such an interesting bunch and I love them. Each have their own struggles but one of the recurring issues that arises time and time again seems to be lack of support from their families and friends which makes me sad. I am therefore so thankful for my family and friends and their support during this time, because that really makes it easier. So if you have someone who is trying Veganism for the first time please be kind because it is a shocking transition and they will feel angry at the beginning learning along the way about the cruelty to animals but remember, they are trying to make a difference.

So now my next step is to shed more weight because, let’s been honest, I have been a junk food Vegan mostly indulging in burgers, cakes, curries, crisps and wine. 2018 must and should be a healthier one.

Wish me luck ……..I’m going to need it.

Happy Holidays


Hope everyone is having a good break. I have been super busy in December but I am now so grateful for a few days to spend with my family. Such a great time to recharge my batteries and veg in front of the TV.

Christmas is always filled with very mixed emotions for me as most of my family are thousands of miles away in the Southern Hemisphere. Luckily, my husband’s family are so lovely and accommodating so I never feel left out. They even adapted their Christmas menu this year to include vegan options.

So my 12 months anniversary is fast approaching and according to my vegan calculator I would have saved about 365 animals during that time, basically it looks like an animal a day. Would I have eaten an animal a day being Omni? Don’t know, but happy I have helped.

So I don’t know if anyone noticed but seriously how many sale emails does one person need to get? Woke up the other morning to so many that it got me thinking….maybe I do need a new Sofabed. The one I am sleeping on is about 3 years old and I literally can feeling the wooden partition under my back. Normally I wouldn’t complain but if Sofabeds are going cheap I feel I need to investigate this or is it a con? The price they are marked down to is still quite a bit and was the original price what they state? So many questions – Spring pocket, Sprung Foam, what do you go for? Would I even be thinking of this before if it wasn’t sale time and by the way, what is Boxing Day anyway?

I seriously do not have any plans to venture out into the chaos which is sale shopping, not to the big locations anyway but online shopping could work, er funds are an issue though.

Let’s see what happens.

New York Trip

New York City was one of those places that had always intrigued me. Not gonna lie, films had a big part to play in it. The problem was how does anyone do it on a budget? So I managed to spend under £500 for 6 day’s once flight and accommodation was paid for.

1. Flights

My absolute favourite airline now is Norwegian Airline. This is the first time I have flown with them so I highly recommend them. Flights were not too expensive and there are always deals you can look out for. You can book a meal and a seat beforehand and I would recommend you do so. Vegan meal and leg roomy seat booked (FYI row 6), I was all set. You can probably get away with a smallish onboard bag and handbag before paying for a checked in bag – I did see passengers with all sorts of small wheeled luggage boarding.  I did kind of think ‘how the hell did that get through’? On the flight back we even arrived an hour earlier than expected. Yep so it’s a fav airline now, based on those facts anyway.

2. Accommodation

Hotels are super expensive in New York so I was struggling to find something decent. Never used Airbnb before but found a great deal in Brooklyn for what worked out to under £37 ppm (there were 3 of us). We booked a really nice and clean master suite room with 2 Queen size beds. The set up was really clever because as the host did not live there, he had an electronic lock on the door. I had downloaded an app called August  which unlocked and locked the front door for us (quite clever I thought).

3. Getting around

The best and most useful purchase I made during my stay was the 7 day Metro card. It cost me $31 and gave me access to the subway and buses for the whole week. Brilliant value for money. Used the subway every day hoping from one line to the next to and from Manhattan.  Do make note of which subway say downtown and which one is uptown as it is not always easy to change once on the platform. Now I admit the subway could do with air conditioning and a cleanup, but functionally it works fine. Needless to say I will never complain about the London Tube again. The streets are pretty dirty too so remember not to wear white shoes/trainers.

Managed to walk 42.5 miles in total though thanks to my friend’s Fitbit. That was a lot of walking.

4. Food 

I am absolutely in love with Wholefoods in New York. Life for me would be so much easier if London has this in every borough. This place is insane. The salads are fresh and tasty. I am sure I’ve been before but in London I think they are not on this large scale. If wholefoods stores could replace every supermarket chain I would be happy. They seem to be healthier in general and as a vegan, I can always find something to eat.


This was such a find as my friends are omnivores. I really wanted to test out the impossible burger at Bareburger and it didn’t disappoint. It was delicious and even my friends enjoyed a taste. They had a amazing meat burger deal which was a burger/fries/drink for $13.95. Mine was slightly more expensive but sooooooo worth it.

6. Travel Money

As not to overspend, I ordered a Post Office Travel Money Card. So easy to use abroad with no charges except if you take cash out there is a small charge. It works like a normal credit card with a pin. There was also an app to download so that you can check your balance. Surprisingly, I had some US Dollars still left on my card so I rang them up and transferred it to Pounds so that I can use it in the UK. That was the week’s food shopping taken care of then.

7. Sights visited for free

The best way to save money is not to spend any at all.  So here are a few places to visit at no cost while you are in the Big Apple.

National September 11 Memorial and Museum – 180 Greenwich St

The New York Public Library – 5th Ave and 42nd Street

Grand Central Terminal – 52nd Street

The High Line – Gansevoort to 30th Street

Central Park – Can’t miss it!

Brooklyn Bridge – Park Row

The Statue Of Liberty via the free Staten Island Ferry

Music Gig

For me, one of my absolute favourite things to do is to listen to live music. So I managed to book a gig with Sofarsounds in New York for a night of music, beer and socialising. The venue was in an old Pfizer building on flushing avenue who Square Roots run their business from. They grow leafy greens in Brooklyn and in containers. I know quite mad hey. Here’s more information about it on the link below.


As always, it was such a great night at Sofarsounds – check it out.


So this was an amazing trip for me.  It’s a great and interesting City but definitely invest in a good pair of shoes/trainers because the city is very busy and there are loads of things to see.

New York New York 

Travelling to NYC on Saturday to see what this City has to offer.  

Apparently there are loads of vegan restaurants and stalls about so I’m going to see how it is. I have also booked a Sofarsounds night out for me and the girls in Brooklyn. It’s going to be awesome hanging with the locals and taking in some new music. As usual it’s bring your own booze so torn between Brooklyn Beer or Bubbles.  

Yes, this is my first time in the Big Apple, can you tell?  I’ll keep you posted (check out photos on Instagram) and will write a large piece about it next week. 

Wish me luck!